90 S Maple St, Akron, Ohio 44302

(330) 615-7787

Downtown Akron Doggies

Welcome to Downtown Akron Doggies



We offer spacious traditional kennels for our overnight guests to curl up after a hard day of play and a good meal.  Our overnight guests are going to be very tired so we have a nap time from 1:00- 3:00pm.

Please bring your dog's bed for overnight stays along with his regular food individually bagged per meal or in a sealable container.  Dogs will be fed inside their own individual kennel twice daily.  If you like, you can also bring something from home for them to snuggle with during the night.

We do special requests too.  Just let us know when your drop your doggy off.

We can't forget cats!  Cats are welcome as overnight guests in our Palazzo Feline suites. They can enjoy quiet outdoor views of the city and lots of interaction with our trained staff.