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Downtown Akron Doggies

Welcome to Downtown Akron Doggies



Dogs are considered pack animals and a feeling of belonging comes from being around other members of the pack.  At downtown akron doggies, llc, your dog can play in our off leash playgroups with other dogs while under the supervision of our trained staff.  They can run, bark, play or sleep and it's all a part of that important pack time.  Strong social skills will help your dog lead a happier, healthier and more confident life.  

All dogs are temperament tested in a safe environment prior to their first day and we only accept already socialized dogs.

If you have an older socialized dog, that's no problem.  We can make any kind of special arrangements since even watching other dogs play can do your older socialized dog good.

We offer durable playground equipment designed for dogs so they can play and socialize in a controlled, safe environment.  There is a total of 3300SF indoors and 2304SF in our outdoor fenced in off leash play area.  Both indoor and outdoor spaces are divided so that smaller dogs will be separated from the more active larger dogs.

No chain, buckle or electronic collars please!  For your pet's safety, all doggies must wear quick release collars while in daycare.

Shhhh!  Naptime is 1-3:00pm.